Angela Carter vs Selima Hill A Literary Standoff


Sunday February 11th 2018


Tutor: Katherine Lockton

The Hinsley Building, Westminster Cathedral, Morpeth Terrace, London, SW1P

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The first in a new series of workshops run by South Bank Poetry, this workshop will examine the works of two writers and decide, in a literary standoff, which one deserves to come out on top. Both poets will be let loose in the boxing ring, while the class asks the questions:

  • Who is the better poet?
  • What does being the better poet even mean?

In one corner, we have the works of Angela Carter, an English novelist and journalist, whose work focuses on magical realism, feminism, and picaresque prose fiction. In the other corner stands the British poet Selima Hill, who is not only known for her poems, but her collaboration with other artistic institutions such as the Royal Ballet, the Welsh National Opera and BBC Bristol.

Led by publisher and poetry editor Katherine Lockton, the workshop focuses on an in-depth look at both writers and what we can learn from their unique styles and use of writing techniques. We will encourage a full exploration of your own strengths and weaknesses and aim to find your own personal poetic voice and focus. The purpose of this workshop is to find and develop your writing and discover the perfect subjects that fit your voice and style.

The workshop focuses on the creation of new material as well as honing your writing skills and participants will come away with a small body of creative work (2 or 3 first drafts.) There is a limited number of places available to ensure that the tutor has ample time to assist each and everyone taking part. All levels of writers are welcome. In addition, homework assignments, with the chance for personal feedback from Katherine, will be given to each participant.