Writing London Poems


Sunday July 8th 2018


Tutor: Katherine Lockton

The Hinsley Building, Westminster Cathedral, Morpeth Terrace, London, SW1P



London is a city full of untold stories by unheard voices. Everyone that has passed through it or lived in it has a story to tell about life in it.

London is also a bit like Marmite, you love it or hate it. For some, it is a city full of life and adventure, culture and art. For others, it is all pollution and noise.

Whatever you feel about life in the big city, it is an endless source of inspiration for writing poetry.

During this session we will look at the task of writing to a theme for competitions and magazine submissions while we write poems about London.

We will consider the issues that arise from writing to theme, deadlines and how to overcome these difficulties. We will also be looking at the best ways of generating new material to a theme as well as typical pitfalls to avoid while doing so.

This workshop will feature writing exercises generated in response to sounds, taste, and images of London.

This session is particularly useful if you plan on entering our poetry competition on London poems to be announced in the autumn and is suitable for beginner and advanced poets alike!