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Katherine Lockton and Peter Ebsworth

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South Bank Poetry is the UK and London’s leading urban poetry magazine and organisation. We work to empower and publish exciting, contemporary city poetry from all over the world. We provide an active community where poets can share their work and meet like-minded creative individuals at our open mic nights, poetry recitals, and other events. With our workshops, classes and one-on-one consultation sessions, we strive to help poets hone their skills and challenge themselves to produce new and exciting work.

In our London poetry magazine, we showcase the best poetry submitted by novice and published poets from around the world. With our annual poetry competition, we seek to spark creativity and support new and rising talent. From our membership to our events, everything we offer is great value for money, so anyone can get involved.

At South Bank, we know that striking the right balance of professionalism and fun makes for the best poetry, and that’s why we always strive to deliver unique, quality experiences. Offering high-octane sessions and events that are friendly, engaging, and never quite the same, we are proud to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment.

South Bank Poetry is run by Katherine Lockton and Peter Ebsworth, read a little more about them below…

Katherine Lockton

Katherine Lockton is a poet living in London who runs our exciting workshops at South Bank Poetry. She has experience teaching and running workshops with beginner and advanced students, teenagers, the elderly and those with health problems. She has also taught children (6 year olds onwards) and teenagers.

Her work has been published in publications such as: The Spectator, Magma, Rising, Morning Star, Northwords Now, The Delinquent, and ‘Hallelujah for 50ft Women’ out with Bloodaxe.

Katherine has won a number of awards including the Inaugural International Travel Bursary by The Saltire Society and British Council Scotland, shortlisted for Girton College’s Jane Martin Poetry Prize, and won first place in the Field Poetry Competition judged by Martin Figura.

She co-edited (with Carlo Pirozzi) an anthology of new Scottish war poems ‘Like Leaves in Autumn’ published by Luath Press. She is also Associate Editor at Flipped Eye Publishing.


Peter Ebsworth

Peter Ebsworth was the founding editor and publisher of South Bank Poetry from 2008 to August 2015 and he is now involved as both a co-editor and consultant.

Peter’s poems have been widely published in journals and magazines, including: The New Statesman, The Spectator, The Morning Star, Brittle Star, Magma, Orbis, The Interpreter’s House, Prole, Lunar Poetry, Other Poetry, South, The Delinquent, Under the Radar and the Poetry@3 anthology ‘Poets in the Afternoon’.

A full-length collection of his ‘Krapp’s Last Tape – The Musical’, published by Flipped Eye, can be purchased here.

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