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When we were founded in 2008, we began this journey wanting to make the arts, particularly poetry, accessible. We have done this since 2008 through our magazine and our classes. We think everyone regardless of wealth, race, gender or background should have access to the arts.

Since we launched in 2008 South Bank Poetry magazine has been widely enjoyed by a great many people, however like most organizations in the arts world we were hit hard by Covid, as we had to make lots of changes to how we run our classes. We are doing things differently as we recognize that times have changed and people are experiencing poetry differently.

In 2008 we knew we wanted poetry to be accessible and not restricted to only to those who could afford to pay, whether that is afford to pay to become the poet or afford to pay to read the poetry. Because funding for the arts is at an all time low we want to give people the opportunity to contribute financially, in ways that work for them, meaning that we could provide our readers – regardless of where they live, how much they earn or how they like to get their poetry – a way to support the arts world, tied in deeply with the liberal and progressive ethos on which South Bank Poetry was founded.

Your support since 2008 has meant so much, and helps protect the arts world, allowing us to discover and publish the best new poetry being written now.

Your support could enable us to continue publishing for another 10 years. Without you, it would be much harder to do this.

It is your support that means we can focus on discovering new writers, regardless of their background.

That is what we are trying to do: to give you the poetry being written today so that, you can make sense of what is happening in the world around you; and to inspire you, through ideas and imagination, to find an alternative. Thank you for considering to support us and the arts world.

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