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Creativity and Business

The Oxford English Dictionary defines creativity as “having the quality of creating, able to create; of or relating to creation; originative.” Creativity is therefore the ability to be able to form something new.

“Successful CEOs and managers have become makers”

While in the past this has traditionally limited to the world of the artist, an increasing number of successful businesses around the globe are seeing it as something that they can not only adopt themselves but something they can harness and prioritize within their companies. In this way some successful CEOs and managers have become makers; that is people that make things happen within their industry and organization.

“58% had their revenues exceed the previous years’ revenue by 10%”

Research completed by Forrester Consulting, an organization that “provides independent and objective research-based consulting to help their leaders succeed in their organisations” shows the importance of putting creativity at the helm of an organisation. One of their key findings was that 58% of those who completed the survey that had referred to their firm as one that encourages creativity had their revenues exceed the previous years’ revenue by 10% the following year as a result of fostering creativity.

So how does a company become more creative? As a creative writing facilitator it is my job to encourage creativity in my students. How do I do this?

By encouraging them to let go of their first response
To let go
To make connections where none are visible
To improvise

“Be a poet, play like a child”

So how should a manager achieve this within their company?
By encouraging their employees to be a poet, play like a child and re think the norm.


This blog will showcase games that managers can incorporate into their daily and weekly schedule to harness their team’s creative power.

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