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Now available in a downloadable format.
South Bank Poetry’s 32nd issue brings you the latest art and poetry from leading artists and poets writing today.
Read about what matters now. We curate and hand select the best new art for your personal entertainment. Our little book of poems brightens up any commute. Uncover stories about other people’s lives in a way that reading the newspaper won’t let you.
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Editor’s Prize

Sandra Galton – Growing Pains

Mother says I cannot be a giraffe
because I don’t have a long neck and I don’t ruminate enough.
But I’m still growing.
Father says I should be a social worker.
I don’t even know what that is.
My Art teacher wants me to be an artist.
My Biology teacher says why not a doctor?
The RE teacher asks me to speak for a minute on any topic.
I chew silence.
My Latin teacher suggests I learn Greek.
She calls me ‘Publia nostra’.
Once she said I was quite deep.
She terrifies me.
I’m going to lock the door now while I chews.