Student of the month- October

 In Poetry

The workshops  have helped me creatively with regard to new ideas and the way I look at editing due to the positive feedback and tuition. The workshops are fun and it’s nice to be with like minded people.


Outside the London streets are burning,
inside we have a cluttered kitchenette.

The smell from the oven starts gastric juices churning,
a coming together of market ingredients.

Mum is washing and chopping vegetables,
prepping them for pots and pans,
this scenario takes place in homes
every Sunday all across London.

Neighbours lunchtime aromas intermingle,
wafting up and through our kitchen window.


Mum takes a minute just to linger,
taking in the view from our hillside Victorian flat.

Now the pots begin to simmer,
she slides in some of the veg,
she checks the roast lamb in the oven
along with the potatoes and onions;
everything is cooking majestically.

She takes a break and brews a tea.

Two-way Family Favourites plays old tunes on the radio
as she prepares the Yorkshire pudding mix.

Sundays don’t get any better than this!

Thirty years she repeated this ritual
as the view of London’s skyline changed,
rooftops replaced by tower-blocks,
Canary Wharf replaced the docks,
now shining buildings reach up to the sky.

She marvels at all the change she has seen.

Her thoughts broken by a saucepans rattling lid
she turns and inserts the green beans.

I marvel at how she gets everything
to come together at the same time.


By Allan Murrell
Writing Urban Poetry Masterclass

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