Get Stuck in With a Poetry Writing Course

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Poetry is more than lines on a page. It’s a conversation, a dialogue between writer and reader – or audience in the case of spoken word poetry. While poetry writing courses online do have their benefits, to really get stuck in, it’s best to have a more hands-on approach.


Learning to write compelling and poignant poetry is best harnessed in an environment that encourages creativity. Workshops offer a much more interactive and engaging experience than poetry writing courses online, as writers can learn together and get direct, immediate feedback for their work. In a workshop, people come together from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience to create an atmosphere of inspiration and support – every writer is a reader, too, and will have a keen eye to give your poetry the constructive criticism it needs to reach the next level. Reading others’ works and being able to offer helpful critiques is a skill that not only helps you spot talent, but can bolster your own poetry writing skills as well.

Whether you’re just beginning, or have been penning poetry on the page for years, a workshop can benefit your writing immensely. While poetry writing courses online may seem more convenient, a workshop’s creative environment gives you a chance to get a new perspective and more eyes reading your work.
If you’re looking to breathe some life into your poetry writing, consider taking a workshop at South Bank Poetry. Our upcoming workshops include our Winter Warmers 2-Part series, a love poetry writing workshop and much more! You can read more about them here.


Happy writing!

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